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GENCO was formed to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and  information, and to promote viticulture and production of quality wine within the membership. We share information on experiences, successes, failures, and pitfalls in making wine and conduct tastings of member wines for evaluation and enjoyment.

At each meeting we explore a subject of particular interest to our members regarding home winemaking or grape growing. We have an open discussion at some meetings and at others we have a knowledgeable guest speaker. We share in the purchase of winemaking supplies (bottles, corks, carboys, supplies, etc.) to obtain larger lots for better pricing.

GENCO meets once a month in or near Healdsburg. The group shares ideas, problems, and wine, and is not only informative, but fun. We have beginner and experienced winemakers. If you are interested in joining or would like more information about GENCO, please contact us at

" God loves fermentation just as dearly as he loves vegetation "
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Next Meeting

Next meeting is Wednesday, January 27th, 7:00 pm
at the At Your Home on Zoom

Speaker: Bruce Hagen w/ Members

Topic: Making White Wine: Practices that Ensure Success!

Most GENCO winemakers make reds and, generally, do so rather well. Fewer members, though, have tried their hand at making whites. Some avoid it because they’ve heard that it’s difficult, or they’ve had mixed results. Whites are indeed more prone to oxidation, and less forgiving, particularly if you can’t manage temperatures properly, or if sulfite levels aren’t properly maintained, than reds. To make, clean, crisp and fruity whites, temperature control is critical during handling, fermentation, and aging. Reds are easier to make and most people prefer them, but whites are becoming increasingly more popular and important as aperitifs, and they just pair well with seafoods, fowl, lighter meats, and relatively mild Asian dishes.

Beginners should start with reds to learn the basic process of winemaking. Once you’ve mastered this, it’s time to move on to whites for the challenge and variety. Hence, the topic of discussion for GENCO’s January meeting will be: Making white wines: Practices that ensure success!

It will provide the basic information that first-time white wine makers will need to get started, and more specific information that may be of use to the more experienced members.

This presentation will be followed by Q & A and open discussion. So, it may be useful to make some notes for discussion or clarification, or you may want to discuss a particular problem you’ve had or need to deal with.

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CANCELED! - Sonoma-Marin Fair
Entry Form Deadline: April 13th
Wine Entry Deadline: April 13th - 5pm

POSTPONED TO 2021! - San Diego County Fair
Entry Form Deadline: April 3rd
Wine Entry Deadline: April 21st

POSTPONED! - CA State Fair Home Wine Competition
Entry Form Deadline: May 6th
Wine Entry Deadline: May 6th

ON HOLD! - Alameda County Fair Amateur Wine Competition
Entry Form Deadline: May 1st online
Wine Entry Deadline: May 16th

CANCELED! - Orange Wine Society/Orange County Fair
Entry Form Deadline: Prior to May 28th
Wine Entry Deadline: May 28th

CANCELED! - Marin County Fair
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