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Next meeting is Wednesday, September 23rd,
at the Your HOME... via ZOOM

Speaker: Bruce Hagen w/ Members


No doubt, many of you will have already harvested grapes and are now managing one or more fermentations, and preparing for what lies ahead. So, I thought it would be helpful to discuss the current harvest, and how our winemaking is progressing. The recent fires and pervasive smoke have presented some real challenges, particularly for making red wine. Some of us, fearing the prospect of making smoke tainted wine, may have decided to sit this one out. How many of you opted to make rosé instead? Who has or soon will be making a red? Where did you/ or will you get your grapes, and were the smoke levels there reasonably low? If you made a white, was it your first time, and what were the results? Did anyone buy new equipment, and how did it work for you? If this was your first harvest, how did it go? Did anyone try new varieties? We can also talk about winemaking issues, like watering-back, adjusting acidity, cold-soaking, natural fermentations, MLF, preferred yeast or ML culture, clarifying white juice, etc. This will be an opportunity to catch up with other members, share thoughts and experiences, seek input, or just commiserate with everyone else. 


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Come join us at our next meeting. We are a very casual group of amateur winemakers and are always looking for other people interested in our craft.

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