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Next meeting is Wednesday, June 23rd,
at the location of your choice via Zoom

Speaker: Megan Jones, Sonoma County Wine Librarian & Gary Alvey, GENCO Member

Topic: Megan: How to Benefit and Utilize the Wine Library & Gary: Considerations for Developing Your Home Winery & your Personal Wine/Viticulture Library

Megan Jones will start off our presentations with a talk about the benefits of and how to utilize the Sonoma County Wine library. A tremendous benefit for us home winemakers! On more than one occasion over the years, Gary has been asked by new members who have yet to make a bottle of wine... “What should I buy, borrow, or rent?” Initially, renting or borrowing make sense. However, later I believe, renting becomes an inconvenience. There are several factors that will guide you to what you perceive as your equipment needs. Recommendations from others’ experiences are often the case but may or may not fit your situation. As you’ll find, once you begin making wine, needs are similar but can be very different. When you’re deciding what you would like to buy, think of your winemaking future. Will you increase your volume? Will you make white, red, or both? My experience has shown me that my decisions were generally based on the criteria I’ll be discussing during my presentation. Up next, How do you develop your personal wine making/viticulture library? Every member’s winemaking knowledge base is dependent on their experiences and educational background. Have you grown grapes? Have you been involved making wine? Have you taken viticulture, enology, chemistry, biology, microbiology classes? Members, come prepared to offer your thoughts. This presentation is expected to be interactive, not just a lecture. 

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Come join us at our next meeting. We are a very casual group of amateur winemakers and are always looking for other people interested in our craft.

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